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Wolf is a laconic, dour teenager. He is voiced by Zach Cherry.


He makes vulgar observations about Annie, and seems to be attracted to her.

In "Red Head Redemption", it's revealed that Kimberly has a shrine to him, and imagines him while kissing a balloon. While she is initially willing to give Duncan credit for a gaming victory, she alters course when Wolf quips about falling in love with Duncan for his gaming style. Kim's crush on Wolf was revealed in advance of the episode's premiere.

In the episode "Witch Day", he and his friends notice a carnival worker who looks just like him. Wolf states that his biological father had no ambition and did not care about anybody but himself. At the end of the episode, they briefly interact.

Wolf's mom debuted in "Sister, Wife" driving with her new husband whom she has recently married.

In the episode "Clothes and Dagger" its revealed that he and Duncan have known each other since they were toddlers.


Wolf is a teenager boy who has tan skin, long black hair, a small moustache, wears a beige T-shirt with a alien face, a red wrist band, black jeans with a chain, and green trainers.


Wolf has a very cynical personality.


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