"Witch Day" is the fourth episode in Season 1 of Duncanville.


The town celebrates its annual Witch Day, which involves pronouncing a mortified Duncan the "town virgin" for the big ceremony, but he protests the celebration to impress Mia, who finds it sexist and barbaric. Meanwhile, Annie and Jack steal a dead woman's chili recipe to try and win the celebration's chili cook-off.

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It is Witch Day and the whole town is celebrating. Jack and Annie discover that their neighbor, Mrs. Martin, has died and steal her chili recipe with the help of Jing; having won the past ten years. Mia finds the holiday offensive as it involves burning a papier-mâché witch in celebration of Oak Dale's terrible historic past. Duncan at first pays no mind, but when he is elected the new town virgin for the holiday (the previous virgin got pregnant), he and his friends decide to steal the witch. Bex, who was a distraction, lets slip that Duncan and his friends are the culprits and drag them back for the burning. Duncan threatens everyone by reading their darkest secrets, which were to be burned with the witch, and everyone lays off. Mia admits that she likes the festivities, but that everyone should be more aware of the history. Annie, having realized what she is doing to her son, apologizes for putting his name up as a virgin and she and Jack win the chili cook off. Kimberly awaits for a boy that she likes, but accidentally scares him away.

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  • This is the fifth episode in terms of production.
  • The first 11 minutes of the episode was accidentally released early on Fox Animation’s official YouTube channel. The video was taken down soon after.


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