"Undacuva Mutha" is the third episode in Season 1 of Duncanville.


In hopes of getting a promotion, Annie tries to fill her parking ticket quota for the month. But when she finds a dead body in an illegally parked car, the "real" police quickly cut her out. She then ropes Duncan into her own investigation: tracking down a criminal selling counterfeit goods to school kids. Meanwhile, Jack tries to be a cool dad, but just ends up making Kimberly and Jing violently ill.

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Annie is excited for Quota Day as she fills in her parking ticket quota in the hopes of becoming a detective one day. Duncan, Bex and Wolf go to get their Air Jordans, only to be informed by Yangzi that they were cheated and got fakes instead. Meanwhile, Jack tries to prove he is a cool dad and has Kimberly and Jing skip school. They get home and make a "fren-cheese-y" for lunch. The following day, the three get ill and the girls blame Jack. Annie discovers a dead body, but the detectives kick her off the investigation. After hearing of Duncan's problem, she takes him around town to look for clues. They discover a white van from the docks, but their car gets chopped. As everyone solemnly waits at home, Duncan spots the van and convinces the family to chase it. It turns out that the van belongs to Duncan's teacher Mr. Mitch who has been creating fake pop up stores so that his students can pay for the school's funds for things like Hamilton. The girls forgive Jack and Annie decides to let Mr. Mitch off the hook at the insistence of Duncan.

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  • This is the second episode in terms of production.
  • Was originally titled "My Mom, the Dick" before being changed to "Undacuva Mutha". Dick is a slang word for a detective as well as being an insult.
  • The title is a parody of "Undercover Mother".
  • Beardy Billy is based off the toy "Wooly Willy".


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