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Mia Abara is a main character in Duncanville. She’s a genderfluid person who Duncan has a crush on and also his friend. She’s voiced by Rashida Jones.


Mia has long brown hair in a mixture of cornrows and braids, a green jacket, pink shirt, blue capris with three rips in the right leg, and purple flats. She also has tanned brown skin and wears a nose ring.


Mia is very sweet and nice. She’s good friends with Duncan, Wolf, Bex, and Yangzi. They are an activist who believes in feminism and individualism. She really likes Duncan, but do not want to be anyone's "property".

Mia's dad is shown in Duncan's fantasy but not her mom. Mia mentioned her mom in "Crimes and Misters Demean Her", but we have not seen her yet.


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  • Mia is Genderfluid. Although it has not been stated in the show yet, although she uses she/her pronouns.
  • Despite her progressive beliefs, they occasionally shows hints of conformity and shallowness, such as finding it hot that Duncan would talk back to his father.