Jack Harris is Duncan's father. He is voiced by Ty Burrell.


He is a tall, beefy man with red-brown hair, a soul patch, a stubble and a small moustache, he has burly, hairy arms and wears a red flannel shirt with a gray shirt underneath. Light blue jeans that's tattered on the pant legs, and red sneakers.


Jack is somewhat emotionally disturbed. He's interested in Hard Rock music and has a particular insecurity around his attempts to seem 'cool'. Though stated very briefly in "Red Head Redemption," Jack's previous military service plays heavily into his character.


  • In "Red Head Redemption", his wife says he fought in the Gulf War.
  • In the "Pilot", his wife reveals he only has one testicle and he reveals he has a bad relationship with his parents.
  • He is the Harris counterpart of:
  1. Homer Simpson (The Simpsons)
  2. Peter Griffin (Family Guy)
  3. Stan Smith (American Dad)
  4. Cleveland Brown, Sr. (The Cleveland Show)
  5. Bob Belcher (Bob's Burgers)
  6. Bud Buckwald (Bordertown)
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