Duncanville Wiki

General Information

Title: Duncanville
Studio: 20th Century Fox Television; Universal Television; FOX Entertainment
Release Date: 2020-present
Length: 22 minutes per episode
Description: Duncanville is an American animated sitcom focusing on the Harris family, who live in present day fictional Oakdale, Massachusetts.
Main Characters: The series has a wide ensemble and variety of main and recurring characters. Duncan Harris, Annie Harris, Jack Harris, and Kimberly Harris consist of the main characters. Recurring characters include Jing Harris, Bex, Yangzi, Mia, Mr. Mitch, and Wolf.
Similar Films: N/A
Availability: Hulu, FOXNOW

Content Information

Rating: TV-14 (DLSV or any combination of the four or none at all); D (suggestive dialogue); L (suggestive language); S (suggestive sexual scenes); V (violence)
Content Labels: Duncanville is rated TV-14. Because of this, it is generally not recommended for audiences under the targetted age. It is recommended for audiences under the targetted age to see the show with an adult. There is a "Viewer discretion is advised" (same as Family Guy) warning before each run on FOX.
Violence: Violence is minimal. Mostly related to town fires or light slapstick, some blood.
Language: “Damn”, “hell”, “ass”, and “bitch” are used.
Sexual Themes and Nudity: An semi-incest joke in the first and sixth episodes explains that Jing is obsessed with her stepbrother Duncan and wants to marry him. Bex said in the first episode that she was naked so many times, though it was off-screen. In the firth episode, Jack and Annie are shown on the fridge camera having sex with each other.
Drugs and Alcohol: Khalifa's edibles are seen in the first episode, basically marajuana.
Gambling: N/A
Positive Messages and Role Modeling: The family may have their flaws, but in the end, they'll always love each other. Continuity is limited in Duncanville, so something learned in one episode can be forgotten in the next.
Crude Humor or Comic Mischief: Some name calling.