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Annie Harris (born Annie Theman) is Duncan's mother. She is voiced by Amy Poehler.


She is married to Jack Harris and after giving birth to Duncan Harris and Kimberly Harris, they adopted Jing Harris.

She works as a meter maid for Oakdale's Police Department and is seen driving her meter maid cart if not her red SUV. When Annie is not wearing her normal clothes, she wears her work clothes.

She has a very strong interest in books. In the "Pilot", she is riding in the car with her book club, Helen is in it as well. In "Fridgy" she listens to an audio book titled Murd-Her: Killing For and By Women. In the same episode she reads to Jing a book called The Happy Hamper and she speaks in funny voices.

It seems like Wolf is interested in her. He comments on her attire.

Annie used to smoke, but quit when she was pregnant with Duncan, though only half-way through.

According to Kimberly, she was hit by a bus when she was a kid which caused her to repeat sentences at certain times.

Annie may deal with bouts of constipation. In the Pilot, Duncan mentions that she eats a special protein-based yogurt that helps her poop.


She wears seafoam green yoga pants, a mint green zip neck sweater, and magenta sneakers. Her hair is blonde and wears it as a messy bun.


Annie is shown to be proud & fun. She is sometimes protective toward her family.




  • Annie's voice actor, Amy Poehler, uses her natural speaking voice when recording Annie's lines.
  • Her hair is blonde, but her eyebrows are black. This is explained in "Fridgy" when she is at Oakdale Pharmacy shopping for hair dye.
  • Since Annie's horoscope is Aries her date of birth places her between March 21 and April 19.
  • According to the Fox Animation Domination Info Card, Annie likes true crime, wine and books, and dislikes locusts and illegal parking.
  • Annie may also be bisexual. In the episode "Crimes and Misters Demean Her", she enjoyed Sandra's surprise kiss.
  • She along with Jack, has a criminal record.